gami emplyees

Work Environment at the Authority

Every member of the GAMI team is valued as a key contributor to achieving the Authority’s goals.

Why start my professional journey at the Authority?

At GAMI, we believe that people are the vital element to achieve the promising vision for an ambitious nation. Human capital is the key resource required to strengthen the local capabilities of the national military industries.

Therefore, we pay great attention to national talent, providing them with all means of empowerment, support and development, and creating an effective and exemplary work environment that emphasizes the values of creativity and innovation.

Limitless ambition
Our goal

GAMI’s key goal is to localize more than 50% of the Kingdom’s total military spending by 2030 to help the Kingdom achieve its goals for strategic independence and to build a sustainable domestic defense sector.

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Our values

Integrity, commitment, competence, leadership and teamwork are the values we live by at GAMI to lead the military industries sector towards achieving the targeted localization goals.