Thursday 20 Thu al-Hijjah 1442 H - 29 July 2021 M


As the regulator, enabler and licensor of Saudi Arabia’s defense sector, GAMI sits at the core of the industry’s ecosystem. We work closely with entities in various sectors to collaborate in the localization efforts of the Kingdom’s military industry. 

Export Markets

GAMI facilitates the export of local military products and services to regional and international markets by collaborating with foreign governments and companies.

Foreign Governments

GAMI collaborates with international counterparts to ease the transfer of technologies and promote domestic manufacturing activities. 

Other Saudi Governmental Authorities

GAMI aligns with respective Ministries and government entities across funding, education and industry development to enhance domestic industry infrastructure and capabilities.

Applied Universities and Colleges

GAMI coordinates with relevant educational institutions and training centers to align curricula with sector requirements.

Research Institutes

GAMI manages and directs defense related studies conducted by research institutes, centers and companies, to ensure alignment with military industries strategy.

Local defense companies

GAMI directs investments, offers incentives, supports technology transfer and promotes infrastructure development in the sector by issuing licenses and promoting ease of doing business.

Original Foreign Equipment Manufacturing Companies

GAMI facilitates joint ventures through KSA’s fiscal balance program, and applies its Industrial Participation Policy to negotiate the transfer of value, technologies and human development opportunities.

Local Military Authorities

GAMI works closely with local military and security entities, consolidating demand and enhancing procurement processes to achieve spending efficiency and ensure that localization always takes precedence