Strategic Pillars of the Kingdom’s Military Industries Sector


To achieve its Vision 2030 goals, the Kingdom’s Defense Strategy is built on  3 key strategic pillars:


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Military Acquisition

The Military Acquisition Pillar aims, through its closely-knit work with local defense entities, to achieve efficiency of spend to maintain localization of defense on the forefront of priorities. It also aims to enhance the capabilities of local suppliers, and unify and standardize the best practices across all defense entities. Lastly, Military Acquisition looks to leverage the consolidated purchasing power for the Sector as a whole pursuant to securing the best possible contractual terms with suppliers.


Military Industry


The Authority aims, through Military Industry Pillar, to achieve more than 50% localization of expenditure on defense equipment and services by the year 2030. Pursuant to this, 11 targeted areas have been identified. Also, the regulatory framework has been streamlined to be world-class and to nourish transparency. This in turn provides incentives that attract investment to this promising Sector, including shoring up exports and empowering the Sector via long term strategic planning for acquisitions in defense. Lastly, Military Industry empowers local suppliers by furnishing them with incentives and providing the service of issuing industrial and export licenses.


Military Research & Technology

The Research & Technology Pillar aims to build national capabilities that support future-centric plans, ultimately to boost the Sector with advanced, cutting edge defense industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, and upon careful and comprehensive review of the Sector's needs, certain technologies were prioritized on the basis of their stimulation of human capital development efforts, particularly meaningful job creation. Also targeted is the establishment of Research Institutes and niche national laboratories specialized in defense industries. In total, 21 targeted technologies emerging from 7 research areas have been identified by the Strategy and the aim is for them to be developed and localized in the upcoming years.

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