The General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) is committed to providing information and services that are of interest to its beneficiaries and stakeholders, using the best available technologies through its website.

Accordingly, some standards have been established, which constitute the covenant between GAMI and the beneficiaries of this website, as follows:


GAMI's Commitments:


GAMI seeks to provide the best possible services to users of this website, whether individuals or organizations, and this covenant specifies the most important commitments of GAMI on its website, which include:

  • Continuity: GAMI strives to provide the latest technologies and specifications to ensure the continuity of the website's operation 24/7.

  • Privacy and confidentiality of information: GAMI respects the confidentiality of the information of users of its website, and confidentiality is one of GAMI's top priorities. GAMI makes every effort to provide information and services through the website in accordance with this consideration.

  • Providing mechanisms for communication and participation: GAMI is committed to processing and responding to all inquiries, complaints, or suggestions through the available communication channels on this website.


Beneficiaries' commitments:


Beneficiaries of this website are responsible for a number of obligations and standards in order to achieve the goals of this website, including:

  • Terms of use: Beneficiaries must review and comply with the terms of use.

  • User information: Beneficiaries of the website commit to providing accurate and correct information if requested.

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