The MIHC is a testament to GAMI’s commitment to human capital and its belief in the indispensable role of human capital in localizing technologies and defense industries in the Kingdom. GAMI has thus invested heavily in human talent by establishing specialized educational and training programs geared towards developing and honing the necessary skills for the sector, coupled with forming strategic partnerships in an effort to attract niche competencies and expertise, thereby ensuring the achievement of the Kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030

Strategic Objectives

Assuring the availability of requisite Human Capital
Enhancing the level of professionalism, skills, and excellence amongst defense sector Human Capital
Empowering Innovation in Defense as an element of Human Capital Development
Encouraging participation and integration amongst stakeholders in activities of planning, training, and funding
Enabling the Human Capital ecosystem with the required policies and regulations
Developing digital capabilities via a focus on the modern technological skills that the sector needs.

Main programs


Emerging from GAMI's desire to empower meaningful transformation in the Kingdom's defense ecosystem, achieving the strategic objectives of the MIHC strategy lies in leveraging 3 core programs:


Education and Training

These programs focus on developing specific skillsets through which gaps in the sector are filled efficiently and effectively. This is achieved by striking the delicate balance between industry programs on one hand, and the programs addressing more general needs of the educational system on the other.


Awareness & Guidelines

The aim of these programs is to increase awareness of University specialties or vocational training fields with the intention of empowering students to make better informed decisions as it pertains to these career paths.



These programs seek to build an interactive and vibrant environment comprising future national talents who will lead the Kingdom’s defense sector, and the entities operating in it, through setting policy frameworks, establishing organized developmental programs, employing performance management, and leveraging supervision and monitoring programs.

GAMI’s Contribution


The MIHC shall contribute in the following ways:

Enhancing Transfer of Technology (ToT).

Expansion and establishment of Local Manufacturing Companies.

Increasing Transfer of Production.

Strategy Programs


These Programs shall contribute to bridging the gap between skills that are deemed as requisite in the sector, and the educational outcomes of both Universities and technical & vocational training, thereby enhancing skills of relevance and thus creating:


job fields


specialized professions


technical skills

Strategy Initiatives


The MIHC aims to rollout over 60 initiatives that contribute to bridging gaps in the sector. In turn, these initiatives aim to increase awareness of career paths in the defense industries sector and create an attractive highly desired workplace environment.

 National Academy for Military Industries


National Academy for Military Industries

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Military Industries Scholarship Program (MISP)


Military Industries Scholarship Program (MISP)

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