Military Industries

Human Capital Strategy


The Military Industries Human Capital Strategy (MIHC), aims to build an ecosystem for incentivizing cultivation of human capital, constructed on the basis of the localization strategy for military industry and research in the defense sector, as well as assuring the readiness of qualified human capital to achieve the targets of the defense sector as a whole. This is planned to be achieved through the development of educational and training programs, policy programs, mentorship and counselling programs - in coordination with relevant entities - all pursuant to fulfilling the desired holistic developmental requirements. In turn, these requirements pour directly into developing and refining know-how and requisite capabilities in defense-related fields and specialties in line with the Kingdom's Vision2030.

Strategic Objectives

Enhancing the level of professionalism, skills, and excellence amongst defense sector Human Capital Development

Empowering Research and Innovation in Defense as an element of Human Capital Development

Developing digital capabilities

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Enabling the Human Capital ecosystem with the required policies and regulations

Assuring the availability of requisite & sustainable Human Capital

Encouraging participation and integration amongst stakeholders in activities of planning, training, and funding

Emerging from GAMI's desire to empower meaningful transformation in the Kingdom's defense ecosystem, achieving the strategic objectives of the MIHC strategy lies in leveraging 3 core programs:


Education and Training


Awareness & Guidelines



The strategic focus of the Strategy lies in partnerships between the public and private sectors and enablement of the research sector. Through this focus, educational and training outcomes, will be harmonized and aligned with Human Capital needs of Local Manufacturing Companies and research institutes.

Additionally, the MIHC shall contribute in the following ways:


Enhancing Transfer of Technology (ToT).


Expansion and establishment of Local Manufacturing Companies.


Increasing Transfer of Production.

Strategic Programs

These Programs shall contribute to bridging the gap between skills that are deemed as requisite in the sector, and the educational outcomes of both Universities and technical & vocational training. Also, they are expected to enhance competence in STEM-related disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), as well as increase awareness of the defense Targeted Domain amongst students in general, thereby advancing efforts to achieve the sector’s targets.



Targeted Domain



specialized profession



technical skills

The MIHC strategy's Programs comprise a number of priority Initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Broadening technical training programs.
  • Offering defense-related Academic Scholarships.
  • Expanding defense-related disciplines at university level.
  • Introducing specialized short and long training programs.
  • Empowering Women In Defense

The strategy compromise over 60 priority Initiatives, tailored to fully satisfy the sector's targeted need between now and 2030.