The investment opportunities announced by GAMI aim to enable the industrial sector’s contribution to  the realization of Saudi 2030, specifically to localize more than 50% of expenditure on defense by the year 2030 For further information, we are pleased to receive your inquiries via email at


All forms of batteries and energy storage devices for recharging purposes (dry cell, lead acid, thermal, and lithium-ion)

Electric Circuit Components

Includes different forms of electronic circuit components including capacitors, integrated circuits, semiconductors and resistors

Electric Motors

Including steering, propulsion and fuel pump motors, tilting motors, rotational motors and start-up motors

Pipes, Tubes and Rigid Tubing

All forms of rigid flexible tubing and pipes (steel and non-steel) as well as carbon fiber (fuel pipes, cooling pipes, water distribution,& hydraulic

Brakes, Axles, wheels, & track components

Mechanical components, which include brakes, axles, wheels, shock absorbers, and track components, which are used in all wheeled land systems

Mechanical Transmission Components

Mechanical transmission components, which include the clutch, transmission and gearbox, used in vehicles, aircrafts, in addition the axis of rotation of the steering systems of ships and boats


All forms of pumps used in water distribution and energy generation (hydraulic pumps, centrifugal pumps, fuel injection pumps, and water pumps)


Encompasses electric valves, hydraulic valves, solenoid actuated valves, non-powered automatic valves, relief valves, pressure regulating valves, and flow control valves

Aircraft Propellers Components

Components that provide thrust from the engine rotational motion for fixed-wing aircraft and unmanned aircraft, in addition to the main and tail propellers of helicopters, generating dynamic lift and control the direction of rotation

Wires, Cables & Fiber Optics

Electrical power carriers, electronic and optical signals, which include all types of electrical cables, wires for data transmission and fiber optic

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