Military Industries Scholarship Program (MISP)


The MISP is one of the most important priority initiatives emerging from the MIHC. It aims to sponsor young and talented Saudi cadres, high school graduates, and employees of local companies operating in defense industries, to pursue their university education in disciplines of relevance to defense and security and thereafter join this blooming sector’s special journey of localization

MISP Objectives


The MISP aims primarily to support entities operating in the defense industries sector, and enable a promising generation of national cadres to join the defense industries ecosystem.Specifically, the objectives of the MISP are:

Increasing the number of entrants into the sector and assuring the availability of required educational and training disciplines.
Enhancing the benefit from available educational opportunities in defense industries, and bridging the skills gap in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Facilitating the access of sponsored students to programs of high repute and renown, which award both undergraduate and graduate studies degrees, in concert with GAMI and the sector.
Offering exciting opportunities for students to enroll in training programs whilst still in University.
Lowering the overall Human Capital development cost.

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