Common questions

What are the functions of GAMI?

GAMI is responsible for regulating, enabling, and licensing the Kingdom’s defense sector. It is the entity tasked with securing the necessary equipment for the Kingdom’s defense sector, as well as facilitating and incentivizing defense investment in the Kingdom, which requires issuing licenses to investors.


What is the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI)?

The General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) was established in accordance with the resolution of the Saudi Council of Ministers in August 2017, and it operates independently in carrying out its designated responsibilities as outlined in its mandate. GAMI seeks to enable the Kingdom’s defense industries sector and is responsible for regulating, enabling, and monitoring its performance.


What is the regulatory law for practicing defense industries in the Kingdom?

The regulatory law for practicing defense industries in the Kingdom articulates regulations in the defense industries sector, and lays down any and all relevant provisions.


What is the purpose of obtaining a license from GAMI?

The main purpose of obtaining a license is to regulate work within the defense industries sector in accordance with regulations in order to develop the defense industries sector and enhance competition.


What is the purpose of issuing an Establishment Permit (EP)?

The purpose of issuing an EP is to allow the applicant to commence with the procedures related to the facility’s location and securing approvals from relevant authorities, paving the way for obtaining a military industrial license for activities of manufacturing or services.


What is the financial fee for reviewing an application?

The financial fee for reviewing an application is a non-refundable amount paid for reviewing applications pursuant to issuing an EP or trade license.


What is the validity of a license issued by GAMI?

The validity of EPs is 2 years, whereas the validity of other licenses issued by GAMI is 3 years, and is renewable.


Is it possible to amend a license?

Yes, licenses can be amended within the limits of the relevant commercial activities, including amending commercial activities, or amending the scope of the license.


Can foreign investors obtain a license?

Yes, foreign investors can obtain a license upon fulfilling relevant requirements and conditions.


Who is considered a Controlling Person?

The definition of a Controlling Person includes founders, owners, partners, board members, and the CEO, as well as persons administratively affiliated with the applying entity.


Does GAMI issue licenses for small arms industries?

Small arms such as air rifles, hunting weapons, their supplies, and ammunition are not within the scope of GAMI.


Are licenses issued for activities that simultaneously serve both the military and commercial sectors (i.e. dual use)?

GAMI is only responsible for issuing licenses for military activities.


Does GAMI issue licenses for military tailoring shops?

Licensing for commercial military tailoring shops is not within the scope of GAMI.


How can an account be transferred to a new signatory upon changing the signatory?

By sending an email to the Licensing team at GAMI.


Is registration and application on the licensing portal done before adding it to the CR?

Adding military activities to the CR (subject to GAMI's supervision) is necessary to be able to register and apply on the portal.


How can data be amended on the portal after saving it?

By notifying GAMI on the portal, or by sending an email stating the amendments you would like to make.


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