Why Begin My Professional Journey at the Authority?

At the General Authority for Military Industries, we believe that human resources are the most important element in achieving a promising vision for an ambitious country. Human resources are the true resource for the success of its strategy aimed at enhancing national military manufacturing capabilities and seeking to localize this promising sector to contribute to enriching our national economy and enhancing its strategic independence by attracting and relying on qualified national competencies.
Therefore, the GAMI pays great attention to its national human competencies, providing them with all means of empowerment, support, development, and a pioneering, effective, and exemplary work environment that enhances the value of creativity, innovation, adaptation, and renewal.

Our Values

Integrity, commitment, efficiency, leadership, and teamwork are the values that we live every day at GAMI to lead the military industries sector towards achieving the targeted localization goals through the spirit of one team.

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