Policy for the Right to Access Information


What does freedom of information mean?

A set of provisions and procedures that regulate the exercise of the right to access public information related to the authority's activities and promote the principles of transparency and freedom to exchange such information.


Key Principles of Freedom of Information


The General Authority for Military Industries relies on the following principles of freedom of information:


  1. Transparency: Individuals have the right to know information related to the authority's activities in order to promote transparency, integrity, and accountability.
  2. Necessity and proportionality: Any restrictions on accessing or obtaining protected information received, produced, or dealt with by the authority must be clearly and explicitly justified.
  3. Disclosure as the default for public information: Any individual has the right to access public information that is not protected, regardless of their interest in such information, without being subject to legal liability related to this right.
  4. Equality: All requests for access to or obtaining public information must be treated equally without discrimination.


Individual rights regarding access to or acquisition of public information:
  1. The right to access and obtain any unprotected information classified as "public" by the authority.
  2. The right to know the reason for denying access to or obtaining the requested information.
  3. The right to appeal a decision to deny a request to access or obtain the requested information.


Which information can the public request and/or obtain?


This policy applies to all requests for access to public information - unprotected and classified as "public" - produced by GAMI.


These provisions do not apply to protected information such as:

  • Information whose disclosure would harm the interests or rights of the Kingdom.

  • Military and security information.

  • Information and documents obtained through an agreement with another country and classified as protected.

  • Investigations, inspections, and monitoring related to a crime, violation, or threat.

  • Information that includes recommendations, proposals, or consultations for issuing legislation or government decisions that have not yet been issued.

  • Commercial, financial, or economic information that, if disclosed, would result in illegal profit or loss avoidance.

  • Scientific or technical research or rights containing an intellectual property right that revealing it would infringe on a moral right.

  • Information related to competitions, tenders, and auctions whose disclosure would undermine fair competition.

  • Information that is confidential or personal under another system, or requires certain procedural measures to access or obtain it.


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