Managing military purchasing programs

The Authority manages military purchasing operations through the program in order to increase readiness and spending efficiency. The Authority also seeks to raise the rate of Localization to reach more than 50% in 2030. The military procurement program includes studying the need, building technical specifications, tender procedures, and preparing contracts, to harmonize military procurement, achieve high efficiency, and standardize the purchasing process to achieve financial savings. The implementation of the programs begins from the tender stage, through awarding the project and signing the contract between the beneficiary and the supplier, all of this to contribute. In localizing military spending in the Kingdom with high efficiency, through a standardized purchasing process that achieves financial savings that include searching for appropriate operational and sustainability solutions for each technology required to be purchased.

Voice commands

This new feature enables you to direct voice commands to the gateway, and the gateway will interact with you according to the voice command you directed.

List of voice commands:

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