World Defense Show

The first edition of the World Defense Exhibition 2022 was launched, with the participation of 600 exhibitors, from 42 countries, in the presence of more than 82 military and defense delegations, and 65 thousand visitors representing 85 countries. The exhibition witnessed the registration of deals and contracts with a total value of 5.9 billion US dollars and the signing of... 22 industrial participation localization agreements with a total value of 2.13 billion US dollars.

The second edition of the World Defense Exhibition 2024 was held over five days, with the participation of 773 exhibitors and 441 official delegations representing 116 countries, and was visited by 106K visitors. 73 agreements were signed, including 17 industrial participation agreements that took place throughout the days of the exhibition, and the second edition of the exhibition concluded with a record signing. 61 purchase contracts worth 26 billion Saudi riyals.

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