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GAMI Announces Several Investment Opportunities in the Kingdom’s Military Industries Sector

The General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) announced today on its official website the launch of several investment opportunities in the Kingdom’s military industries sector, which were also announced on Saudi Arabia’s national investment promotion platform “Invest Saudi”, in coordination with the Saudi Ministry of Investment. As a first phase, 10 promising opportunities were announced that have dual use (both civilian and military applications), noting that these opportunities emerge as the outcome of the previously announced GAMI program “Supply Chains in the Military Industries Sector and Targeted Opportunities”. Aiming to offer attractive returns on investment for investors and those keen to benefit from the program amongst manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers, these investment opportunities also target enabling adjacent industries, thereby furnishing them with the unique opportunity to serve the sector and Kingdom by satisfying national priorities and bolstering military readiness. On this occasion, GAMI Governor Ahmad Al-Ohali expressed his appreciation to Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia Khalid A. Al-Falih for the support extended by the Ministry of Investment, pursuant to enabling both local and international investors via “Invest Saudi”, and facilitating their access to the sector’s investment opportunities with the utmost of ease. GAMI urges all investors and those interested to visit its official website, as its dedicated team is available at all times to answer any questions, expand understanding of the opportunities in greater detail, and enable access to these opportunities, via (

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