GAMI Meets Interested Local Manufacturers In The Sector In Dammam [28 November 2019]

The General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) met with local manufacturers and those interested in the Sector today in the Eastern Region city of Dammam. The workshop titled: “Military Industries Sector” was organized with the participation and attendance of local interested manufacturers. Falling within the Kingdom’s strategy for the Sector, it was held at the Asharqia Chamber Headquarters.

The workshop witnessed the participation of a significant number of attendees amongst local manufacturers, investors, and interested parties in the Sector. The agenda included the most important roles and tasks performed by the Authority, the mechanism for issuing Military Industrial licenses and their types, as well as a review of the main highlights from GAMI’s strategy aimed at achieving KSA’s national priorities.


Military Industry Sector Deputy Governor Gasem al-Maimani presented an overview of the Authority and its most prominent tasks, introducing the mechanisms for issuing licenses and permits that enable practice of certain activities in the Kingdom, namely military manufacturing, military services, and trade in military products or services. Also, the Industrial Participation Program (IPP) was introduced. Lastly, the Authority’s approach and strategy in the Sector were reviewed.


Al-Maimani also stressed that the workshops held in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam are the first in a series of events planned by the Authority to strengthen its communication with local manufacturers, investors and interested parties in relation to the attractive opportunities offered by the Sector.


“GAMI seeks to establish its presence at the national level and highlight its efforts to achieve the aspirations of the leadership regarding the development of the military industries sector in the Kingdom and contribute to diversifying the national economy and achieve the objectives of Vision2030”.

The meeting concluded with a panel discussion in which participants exchanged many inquiries that were addressed by the Authority’s team. Additionally, several ideas and suggestions on the optimal ways to enable the Authority’s team to implement GAMI’s vision and achieve its goals in the short and long terms were presented.


GAMI seeks to develop industries, research, technology and national competencies and promote exports within the Sector through long-term planning of military procurement. This is pursuant to the Sector contributing directly to the GDP by 2030, which in turn contributes to the realization of the Authority’s vision of localizing 50% of the Kingdom’s expenditure on Defense and supporting economic diversification.

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